I offer a free phone consolation to prospective clients, in which you can reveal as little or as much of your project as you see fit. I will give you a breakdown of how I will tackle your project and answer any questions that you have. 
If you are interested in any one of the provided services:
1. Send an email and tell me as much as you can about your project, including the total (or approximate) word count, turnaround time, needed research, etc. 
2. Once we agree to work together, I will ask that you email the first 500 words of your manuscript if you seek developmental editing or line editing services or an outline/write-up of your idea if you seek ghostwriting services. 
I will edit the 500 words using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word. For ghostwriting, I will write one paragraph, approximately 200 words, based on your outline/write-up. You will also receive a document with project fees and payment due dates. 

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