I am a Nigerian-born, Atlanta-raised writer and editor. Some may ask, "Why is mentioning ethnicity important?" We all know that our ethnicities shape the way we see the world. It opens us up to things previously unknown. And as a writer, that is your and I's job. To tell our story or the story of voices unable to speak for themselves. Writing and teaching have allowed me to travel and live in various countries, including England, China, and Germany. While in the United Kingdom, I completed an MA in Creative Writing Fiction, and in China, I fulfilled a two-year stint as a Peace Corps volunteer. My writing has appeared in Torch Literary Arts, "The Alembic," "Imaginary Curve," and Amsterdam News. In 20200, I was awarded the Zora Neale Hurston Fellowship for BIPOC educators and writers. 
When I am not writing or editing, I teach Creative Writing and English Composition for the City University of New York and frolick around the city in six-inch heels. And if you don't bump into me on Manhattan's crowded streets, you can purchase my short story collection, "Residue," available on Amazon Kindle and await my debut novel.  

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